BACK : Go back to previous page.
FORWARD : Go to the next web page, if there is one.
STOP : Stop loading or refreshing a new page, if it takes a long time to display.
REFRESH : Update the content on a page.
SEARCH : Open the "Find "window in the START taskbar. If the internet browser program is already running, pressing this key will go to the defaultsearch service.
FAVORITES : Open the "Favorites" group.
WEB/HOME : Start your default browser and go immediately to your Home Web page. Return to your Home Web page when the browser is already running.
MAIL : Starts your e-mail program.
PLAY/PAUSE : Plays and pauses the media. Once paused, press again to resume play.
STOP : Stops the media. Press the Play Hot Key to resume playing the media.
PREVIOUS TRACK : Changes to the previous media track. Press once for each preceding media track.
NEXT TRACK : Changes to the next media track. Press once for each subsequent media track.
MEDIA : Start the music CD player or Microsoft Media Player program.
VOLUME DOWN : Press and release, or press and hold to decrease the volume.
VOLUME UP : Press and release, or press and hold to increase the volume.
MUTE : Stops all audio. Press again to resume audio.
CALCULATOR : Start the "CALCULATOR" program.
MY COMPUTER : Open the "My Computer" window.
SLEEP : This function turns computer into sleep mode.
WAKE UP : Exit sleep mode, return normal mode.